What is Sabbath? 

Sabbath, or Shabbat, is a Biblical holiday celebrated every week from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday. It invites us to remember and celebrate God’s provision, freedom and rest.

The Sabbath is a day of rest set aside to worship our King. When he finished creating the world, God rested on the seventh day, creating a sanctuary in time, declaring his power over his creation by choosing to rest. Every week, as the sun sets into the Sabbath, we remember God created us for his pleasure. As we enter the rest of Sabbath each week, we step into the sanctuary of his presence.

When Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us, he kept Sabbath. As followers of Jesus in today’s world, celebrating the Sabbath is a practical way to respond to God’s redemption and instruction. We make a conscious choice to leave behind our digital distractions and consumeristic culture to rest in the spirit of Sabbath. Sabbath invites us to delight in God’s promise and presence. Every week we lay down the cares of this world, rejoice in the beauty of community, and celebrate God’s goodness. 

The Four Elements of Sabbath

Sabbath is a lifestyle. But, we must understand why practicing Sabbath is important, especially in today’s busy, chaotic world. Take a look at the below videos to learn more about why these four elements of Sabbath are so important. 

On the Sabbath, we are called to slow down, stop what we are doing in the busy week, and just be with Jesus. Before we can learn how to rest, we must learn how to slow down and be with Jesus and abide. As Jazmine reflects on the Biblical practice of stopping, she explores what does it look like to follow Jesus through daily living, and weekly slowing down before Sabbath for a day of rest?

Learning how to rest means we can learn the art of walking as Jesus did – slowly. Daily walking with Jesus means we learn how to live in the ordinary moments with Jesus, and walking through life like He did. Slowly, deliberately and in regular conversation with God. This lifestyle of rest comes through knowing peace that passes understanding comes from reflecting on the truth of the Bible.

Sabbath is a 24-hour period of rest from Friday night to Saturday. Sabbath, or Shabbat is a time of rest and community, delight and peace. Sabbath is meant to be a lifestyle of rest lived through community. Todd and Melissa share their experience of delighting in Sabbath rest through community, and learning how to live like the church in Acts – in community every day.

On the Sabbath, it is a time to rest in God’s goodness, and exalt him as the King of the universe. Sabbath is a time to worship God for who he is and the gifts he has given to us. As Jazmine reflects on the concept of worship on Sabbath she asks, what does it look like to follow Jesus through daily living? 


It is one thing to want to learn about Sabbath. It is another thing to actually figure out how to celebrate Sabbath. If you have questions on how to celebrate Sabbath, and you are looking for guidance and support, use our Sabbath Liturgy Guide available to download and print for a step-by-step guide on celebrating Sabbath with your family.

Practicing Sabbath

Sabbath is a lifestyle. But, we must understand why practicing Sabbath is important, especially in today’s busy, chaotic world. Take a look at the below resources to learn why it is important to integrate Sabbath into your life as a regular practice. Follow along with each part of this practice with community, friends or family. Sabbath is about a community of people gathering together to eat, pray and celebrate rest.

Practically preparing for Sabbath means we step into the celebration with work, cleaning and digital distractions set aside and stepping into Sabbath with readiness. The video above describes some key ways to prepare for Sabbath with your family. 

Sabbath traditions include a Friday evening dinner called Erev Shabbat to welcome the Sabbath, congregational gatherings and a small closing called Havdalah to say goodbye to the Sabbath. Explore these practically in our Sabbath Guide. 

Celebrating Sabbath is about coming together with your community and enjoying rest together. But why is it important to gather in community together to eat? Watch the following sermon from Pastor David to learn more.  

Closing the celebration of Sabbath is a sweet time of candle lighting and prayers to say goodbye to the rest and joy of Sabbath and anticipate resting the next Sabbath. Explore these prayers practically in our Sabbath Guide. 

Where does Sabbath comes from? In this Bible Project video, we review the origin and story of Sabbath laced throughout Biblical history. 

Why do we celebrate Sabbath as a regular rhythm? Why is Sabbath and rest important? Find out more in this video from Pastor David Snyder.

What does Jesus have to say about the Sabbath? Why did Jesus celebrate Sabbath if it was in the Old Testament? Find out more in this article. 

Understanding the practices and regular integration of Sabbath into our lives begins with God’s rhythms and weekly cycles of rest. 

Recommended Resources

During your journey into rest, we recommend the following resources as your practice Sabbath. As we become more spiritually transformed by the celebration of rest, we learn how to become more like Jesus and these resources will help you in creating fun family traditions and rhythms.