Witness and Serve Like Jesus

Jesus is the only one who can rescue creation from the misery of death. Only he can share abundant, eternal life with the world because he destroyed death’s power through his resurrection. As His followers we are commissioned to share his life with others through witness. 

At Twenty Six Eight, we intentionally invest our time and energy to witness to others and bring God’s renewing life into the world in three ways.

Revealing Jesus Through Witness

Since Jesus has been so good to us, we’re committed to live so the fragrance of his presence spills over onto everyone we encounter. We want others to smell the fragrance of Jesus whether in our homes or in the culture. We don’t just want to tell people about Jesus, we want people to see Jesus powerfully in our lives. People see this in the way we love and the way we give. They see it in the way we speak, the way we serve, and the way we follow him.

Relationship, Service, and Miracles

Because Jesus left his Father’s presence and came to earth, we’re committed to going to places where people need Jesus. By this, we’re committed to building relationships with others where they are at. We are committed to serving their needs at every level. We are committed to praying for miracles to validate the message of the gospel. Through these ways, people see Jesus in us.

Engaging Cultural & Social Structures

Not only does Jesus change individuals, he’s committed to change everything in the world. This means economies, governments, cultures, cities, and nations. As loving witnesses of God’s salvation and power, we engage cultural and social issues. We do this to bring the light and life of the gospel into the world. This means we engage in every way possible to bring Jesus into the world.