What Does it Mean to Be A Part of Twenty Six Eight?

Are you wondering what Twenty Six Eight believes? In this four week class, with twelve easy videos, explore the foundations of our church with short videos and questions defining topics such as Messianic, Life Groups, Church Culture and Formation.

Go through twelve simple lessons with video, questions and interactive materials. And the best part of this online class? Go at your own pace!

In four basic in-person classes, learn how to serve, sign up for classes, learn about life groups, and engage with the church in practical ways throughout the course. Ask Q&A during sessions with one of the pastors or elders. Get your questions answered, and get an opportunity to formally join the community.

What Will You Gain From the Class?


Find Your Foundation

Get Involved and Established in Twenty Six Eight

Explore Basic Doctrine

Get Your Questions Answered

Watch The Below Videos to Prepare for the Class