Counting the Omer

Starting on First Fruits, our congregation counts every day for 50 days in preparation for Pentecost. As each day passes, we cross off numbers and celebrate the fact that we are one day closer. “Closer to what?” our children ask, their eyes full of wonder. Excitement grows and anticipation builds. Aren’t countdowns exhilarating? Is that why God instructs us to count? So we can return to the awe and thrill we once experienced as a child?

After many days of counting, the day finally arrives–Pentecost. Pentecost, the day in which the apostles received the gift of the Holy Spirit and human relationship with God completely changed. With the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, access to Yahweh became available to all. His presence is no longer restricted by geographical locations or heritage. But rather, we now carry His presence inside of us.

The Invitation

Pentecost is an invitation. During this season, we are invited to move more deeply into His presence. We are invited to experience His power in new ways.  And, we are invited to step into our call as disciples.

Now for those of you who haven’t been watching The Chosen and need a refresher of what life as a disciple is like, I’ll give you a brief overview. A disciple is called. A disciple trades the life they imagined for themself for the one Jesus has for them. And, a disciple receives access to unending power.

Walking in Power

Stepping out in new power sounds pretty great, right? So how do we start? Simply, by saying yes. And not so simply, saying yes despite uncertainty and fear.

Where excitement grows, so often does tension. And as we anticipate The Lord unveiling new power in our lives, we face the constant reminder that when left to ourselves, we are grossly inefficient for the tasks set before us. We are human. We are frail. And no matter how long we walk with The Lord, we won’t reach perfect completion on this side of eternity.

So praise God that He knows all of our limitations and chooses us anyway. We are not left to ourselves. Instead, we receive the Holy Spirit with the promise that we can return to Him over and over again as we walk into uncharted territory. The Bible is filled with the constant promise that we will never be alone; the Holy Spirit is God in us. Thus, we can celebrate the gift of the Holy Spirit with the expectation that what was dry can be refreshed. And where we are weak, we walk with His power.

Invitation to Respond

Pentecost is the yearly invitation to receive new power. Whether you are celebrating your first Pentecost or you have attended 75 Pentecost services, The Lord is inviting you to experience Him in a new way.

Where do you need a refreshing dose of power?  Where is He asking you to say “Yes” where you have before settled into “I am unqualified or “this is impossible?”

We believe that the Lord has new power for you and that He wants to meet with you in this Holy season.