PURIM 2024


The celebration of Purim celebrates Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai, two Jews who saved the entire nation of Israel from annihilation. In the land of Persia in the 4th century BCE, Esther and Mordecai risked their lives to go before the King to save the nation of Israel from the evil Prime Minister Haman. The story is full of adventure, royal court scenes, bravery, treachery and the hand of God. Mordecai instituted the holiday of Purim (named for the lots or “pur” that Haman cast to determine the date of destruction) in remembrance of the redemption of the Jewish people from Haman’s plot.

Today, we celebrate the story of Esther and Mordecai as a reminder that our God will protect his people, even when we don’t see him directly involved. We remind ourselves that we are to be brave and take risks for the gospel, because we are here “for such a time as this.” The celebration is commemorated with storytelling, costumes, giving to those in need, and an atmosphere of joy and gladness. 



Today, the story of Purim is celebrated on the 14th of Adar, which usually falls sometime in February or March. Purim is a joyous time of celebration, storytelling and fun! There are several thing that mark Purim. Learn more about the holiday down below, and learn why we celebrate Purim.

This printable Purim Story guide leads you and your family in celebration of the holiday with a complete celebration guide. 

Discover how the story of Purim intertwines with God’s incredible plan even if he is never mentioned. This article explored God’s sovereignty in this article. 

Learn why many people give gifts to others during the season of Purim. 


Today, Christians can celebrate the Purim story as well. The story reminds us that when God doesn’t seem to be present, His Holy Spirit is still at work. He will not abandon his people, even when things seem beyond hope. We remember this when we see the way the Jews and Christians have been persecuted through the centuries. The season of Purim is an important time to remember those whose lives were lost to Hitler in the Holocaust, to Joseph Stalin in Russia, and massacred in the Middle East and all over the world today. We know that God’s greater plan will defeat all those who come against God’s people.

Every year, participants read or retell the story of Esther and Mordecai through story. People dress up in fun costumes and attend parties. These traditions all point to God’s provision and miracles. 

Take some time to learn about the Jews and Christians who were killed for their faith in history and today. Take some time to pray as a family for those who are terrorized all over the world for their faith.

Purim is traditionally a time to give money or gifts to those in need. Decide as a family whether or not you will give gifts for Purim, then set aside some money ahead of time, so you can bless someone else. 

Purim is a storytelling holiday full of fun, laughter and wacky costumes. Discover some fun ways the holiday has been celebrated by our church in the past and get inspired for your own party.