Sharing Life Together

Jesus’ life is transferred to others in and through community. As a community committed to Jesus, together we are shaped by his presence. We are now responsive to his renewing life. The way we experience community throughout the week is Life Groups.

These are weekly gatherings in homes in Meridian, Boise, and Nampa. Life Groups help us embody God’s desire and design for community. Through them, we equip people to experience genuine relationship, life-changing formation, and abundant life.


Every Life Group meets weekly to cultivate community and relationship. The touchpoint for community is a scheduled gathering once a week. We also connect with one another by developing meaningful relationships, carrying one another through service, and learning how to accept one another in Jesus’ love. 

Become Like Jesus 

God’s promise to those who trust in Jesus is that they will become like him. Through the power of God’s word and the indwelling Holy Spirit, we believe humans can be renewed in God’s image. As a result, we can live like Jesus. Today, we use the term “formation” to capture this experience. 
Every Life Group gives people an opportunity to pursue spiritual formation. Together, we step into the holy ground of God’s presence and invite his transforming power to change us. We are learning how to be involved with one another in the moments where Jesus changes us. We are engaging practices that reform our stories and habits. And we are learning how to give and receive ministry to others in life-giving ways. 

Build His Kingdom

Like the first followers of Jesus, we want to share his life and love with others. Life Groups give us the opportunity do this in honesty, respect, and the Holy Spirit’s power. We are not just equipping people to share Jesus’ life. We also believe we are called to impact culture. So, through Life Groups, we are drawing others into God’s life-giving presence. We are extending his life into culture through relationship, service, and miracles.