Jesus, or Yeshua was a Jewish Rabbi who lived in Jerusalem during the time of the Roman Empire, and he shocked the world when he claimed that he was the Son of God. Most people in the world believe in a god, gods, or a version of God. Some don’t believe in any god at all. No matter where someone lands on the god issue, Jesus’ name stirs strong feelings and controversy. While some think Jesus is little more than a guru or good teacher, he didn’t think that way about himself. In fact, what he thought about himself is profound and shocking: he said he’s THE WAYTHE TRUTH, and THE LIFE (John 14:6). Bold claims, all of them, but they show us who he is.

THE WAY. Jesus claimed to be the way: the only way. Jesus or Yeshua means “the deliverer“. We believe Jesus meant that he’s the only way humans can be restored to God. No other avenue is available. While it might seem narrow, it’s actually freeing. When we see Jesus, we can experience divine connection between heaven and earth. Since he is God and is in perfect relationship with the Father, he can show us the way back to God’s presence.

THE TRUTH. Jesus claimed to be the truth. God described himself to Moses as “I am who I am,” or literally that God is the one who is wholly real, true and good. We believe Jesus meant reality is found in him. If we want to know the way things really are, we start by seeking him. Since Jesus is truth, encountering him redefines everything. To know him is to experience the objective reference point of everything that is good and right and true.

THE LIFE. Jesus claimed he was the life. Another way God described himself is as Yahweh, which basically means “He who creates that which exists.” We believe Jesus meant that when we have him, we have life. Apart from him, everyone is dead (John 6:53,54). The Father has eternal life in himself and so does Jesus (John 5:26)—so if we want life, all we have to do is come to Jesus (John 6:40). When we come to him, he gives us abundant life, quality of life. And, he gives us eternal life, quantity of life that never runs out and never gets smaller.

What Did He Do?

Jesus came to earth and live a life fully human and also fully God. Jesus was born in the fall to a Jewish virgin mother. He lived just like humanity: he ate, he slept, he got tired, he built relationship, and he laughed. He experienced life for thirty-three years on earth, and finally, he died on a Roman cross. Jesus did more than we know when he laid down his life (John 21:25).

The most sacrificial thing he did was to die a painful physical death which brought spiritual rejection from God his Father, all so he could restore us to God. Even more mind-blowing, he was resurrected from the dead. All of us were lost in death and couldn’t escape. Jesus entered into death to rescue us. When this happened, he destroyed death’s power (John 11:24). For humans, death is the undefeatable enemy. No one can escape its grasp. But Jesus did. That’s what’s so powerful about him. If we trust he did this for us and follow him, then the life that overcame death fills us and makes us overcomers.

What Did He Say About Us?

Jesus said he loves us and came to save us (I John 4:14). He said we’re desperately in need of his love and saving power. Every human is lost in death, running from God, filled with their own ways and selfishness (Romans 3:8-20). So when Jesus says we need him, it can be offensive to us. But he loves us enough to tell us the truth and the truth is that without him, we’re lost. Because he loves us so much, he didn’t leave us alone. He came to us. Died for us. Broke death’s power so we could live. What could be better than a god whose love is so great he gave up his life to rescue us?

How Can I Accept Jesus? 

Jesus makes it simple to follow him. He gave his life for you. To accept Jesus into your heart, first pray. Just speak to him like you would to a friend and say that you are sorry for the ways you have done bad things in your life. (Romans 3:23) Tell God that you want to turn away from those bad things, and you believe He died, was buried and rose back to life for you (John 3:16). Invite Jesus into your heart to be your personal Savior and friend (2 Corinthians 5:17).

What can you do next?

What is Messianic?

What is Messianic? 

Who is Jesus and What is Messianic?

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