Mail Checks To P.O. Box 1229, Meridian ID, 83680

Or, give to our ministries through one of the following online secure payments.

Asset Based Giving

If you have a gift of stocks, mutual funds, business interest, or land that you would like to donate to our congregation, please contact our administrative office at 208.571.2090.

How we use donations

In Twenty Six Eight, we use donations (called tithes and offerings) to support the ministries of our local congregation: staff, building, benevolence, outreach, and so on. We also use donations to bless a variety of other ministries who share our vision and values. In addition, we use donations to support missions, which are congregations in other nations. It is important to us to grow God’s church throughout the world.


One Exception…

Tithe means tenth. When we tithe, we give 10% of our increase. We believe God’s Word instructs us to donate our tithes to the congregation in which we are planted. Offerings, on the other hand, are financial gifts we give over and above our tithes.

If you don’t belong to a local congregation yet, feel free to give your tithes and offerings to us. However, if you do belong to another local congregation, we would ask that you give your tithe to them. If you want to send us an offering above and beyond that tithe, we’ll use it to build God’s kingdom.