Unleavened Bread 

Unleavened Bread is a seven-day Festival commemorating Israel’s departure from Egypt and their wandering in the desert. It symbolizes our call to live a holy life. The keynote of this celebration is a communal gathering on the first and seventh days (which are yearly Sabbaths) and ridding our homes and diets of all leaven.

Our first corporate gathering for Unleavened Bread is Sabbath, March 31st. This is also a weekly sabbath, therefore our gathering will be during our regular service time at 11 a.m.

Our second corporate gathering for Unleavened bread is Friday, April 6th. We will begin our time together with worship and liturgy, then join in a delicious brunch and fellowship. Bring lots of healthy Brunch foods for your family, as well as some extra to share with others.

Season of Our Freedom

Corporate Gathering for Worship & Food   

Friday, April 6th at 11:00 a.m.

Covenant Presbyterian Church

4848 N. Five Mile Rd., Boise, 83713


A Word About Food:

As a congregation, we embrace the dietary commandments of Leviticus 11. While obedience to this specific commandment is not a matter of salvation or merit, its significance and application is important to Yahweh and to us. To individuals in our congregation, it can vary in importance and observance. Because we want to walk in God’s ways and honor the convictions of those in our com-munity, we ask everyone in our congregation to maintain respect for one another regarding the dietary commandments. Practically speaking, this means we ask members of our congregation not to bring the foods detailed in Leviticus 11 to our corporate gatherings, which includes but is not limited to pork, shellfish, bear, or fish without scales.