Back to the 80’s Purim!

Like, oh my gosh, we’re so stoked to announce Back to the 80’s Purim.  Like, for sure, it’s gonna be a totally tubular night with rad skits that tell the story of Esther, bodacious food from The Rusty Dog Food Truck,  and the most excellent 80’s merch for sale in some sweet booths.

Calling all you posers…come dressed in a righteous 80’s costume and we’ll like, totally chill and hang out to watch the most gnarly competition of skits that will tell the story of the book of Esther and like, totally party and celebrate Purim to the max!


So like, what is Purim you ask?

Purim is the celebration that commemorates God’s preservation of His people from annihilation. In the book of Esther, God uses the beautiful Queen Esther and her cousin Mordecai to expose Haman’s evil plot to kill every Jew. Upon exposure to the king, the evil Haman is hanged and the Jews are save from destruction. As the people celebrated their tremendous deliverance, the joyous festival of Purim was instituted.

It’s totally going to be an awesome night that you don’t want to miss, so purchase your tickets now!

  • Get your Tickets now: $5.00 – includes dinner from The Rusty Dog Food Truck
  • Buy tokens and get 80’s stuff at our totally rad 80’s merchandise booths to support Stand for Israel
  • Come in a fantabulous 80’s costume – modesty is a MUST
  • Invite your family & friends