Jesus death and resurrection created a new community, a gathering of people who know his life and share it with one another. Through Jesus, God’s promises extend to every person: men and women, rich and poor, black or white, old or young.

At Twenty Six Eight, we live in community in four ways.

Sharing Our Stories in Community

God is telling a story, one that spans every generation. And he wants to capture our heart through Jesus. He wants to integrate our story into his. In Twenty Six Eight, part of the beauty of our communal experience is the way we commit to listen to God’s story. We listen to one another’s story, and then help each other tell Jesus’ story through our relationships and circumstances.

Gathering Together

We love to be together. Weekly, we gather as a body every Saturday morning to celebrate the beauty of Jesus and the gospel. Throughout the week, in daily life and during holidays we gather to build relationships. We eat together— study and pray together—share our stories—serve each other—and let our kids play together.

Worshipping Together

One way we experience community is by sharing practices across our community. On Friday nights, our families remember and celebrate our freedom and rest in Jesus through food, liturgical prayers, and friendship. On Saturday mornings (we call it Sabbath), we worship together, pray together, listen to God’s word together. And throughout the week, we look for ways to practice God’s presence and community together.

Serving Each Other in Community

Because Jesus served us through his life and death, we serve one another. It could be praying for each other; bringing meals to people who are sick; helping each other with personal projects; listening to each other’s stories. In big and small ways, we’re cultivating a community of shared service.