One of our core principles is formation. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, new creation is invading the world. Restoration is reforming everything. It changes individuals, neighborhoods, cultures, and nations.

At Twenty Six Eight, we cooperate with Jesus’ formative purpose in four ways.

Experiencing Jesus in Formation

The gospel changes everything. And it changes us. More than anything, we’re dedicated to knowing and following Jesus. To invite his presence into our lives. To respond with sacrificial love, obedience, and worship. We believe Jesus is more than everything else. We are dedicated to help each other live in his life. This extends into our practical, everyday lives as we live to be formed by Jesus.

Practicing Spiritual Disciplines

Formation merges the divine resources of God’s word and Spirit. This is merged with our cooperation. Through biblical practices, we cultivate the soil of our hearts. Then God’s new life is implanted in us. Our practices include things like spiritual disciplines. Practices include personal, family, and corporate liturgies. Other practices include community gatherings and resting our bodies and hearts on Sabbath. There are a host of other life-giving expression of trusting obedience.

Discovering Our Identity

Jesus reforms us into his image. In part, formation is the process of discovering what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We want to be renewed in his image. By his grace, our nature is renewed and our character reformed. When this happens, we discover our true calling as humans. We understand our roles in life and family, and can express our personal uniqueness in life-giving ways.

Living Our Calling

Jesus wants us to know how to fulfill his will. Formation, then, is the Spirit-led process of discovering how he wants us to live. How we can live as his followers. With his authority and power at work in us, we can know his desire for us. We can then express that through faithful obedience.